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Big Brother 12 Screen Shot of the Day

Monthly Archives: July 2010

BB12 Screen Shot of Day 6 (Feeds)

WINNER: Day 6 the BB12 house guests clearly succumbed to extreme boredom as science geeks Brendon and Rachel attempt to meld their minds.

Mind Meld Science-Dork Style

Honorable Mention: Britney repulsed during a game of “what would U do 4 final 2?”  (Look below her photo to read Lane’s suggestion.  RRR rated – for extra repulsion…)

Would you:  Curcumsize Enzo and keep the skin rolled up in your cheek….to guarantee final 2.


BB12 Screen Shot of Day 5 (Feeds)

WINNER: Day 5 of the BB12 live feeds were painfully boring.  Look, even Andrew agrees.

Mazzzzz…el Tov!

Hon. Mention: Honorable mention goes to Ragan for his impersonation of Hanz, or is it Franz…

Hanz or Franz?

BONUS Screen Cap Feed Day 4Rachel’s Twins Mamm & Ary

Rachel’s twins Mamm & Ary were busy in the Big Brother house on live feed day 4.  I know the girls have a huge fan following so grab a muffin and enjoy.

It’s Mamm & Ary!

Oopsies Mamm & Ary!

Mamm & Ary Take a Nap

It’s Mamm & Ary’s cousin Hiney!

BB12 Screen Shot of Day 4 (Feeds)

Today’s WINNER is all about Annie and is best summed up by the following series of screen shots.  Getting back-door’d can be painful.

Annie’s Emotions Post VETO Ceremony

BB12 Screen Shot of Day 3 (Feeds)

WINNER: It was a slow day in the house with little entertainment and much paranoia, but that didn’t stop Enzo from “monkeying around.”

Enzo of the Jungle

Honorable Mentions:

Ragan UndercoverRagan Undercover

Flex-It LaneFLEX

BB12 Screen Shot of Day 2

WINNER: Brendan on the block is in quite the “pickle.”

Brendon and his pickleBrendon and His Pickle

Honorable mentions:SHE-Ronnie


Hello Big Brother fans!

This begins the 2010 edition of my “funny face” screen shot blog where I try to capture the best expressions of each house guest.  They say the “eyes never lie,” so check out the screen shots each day to see who’s face is “an open book.”

Please write your own caption below each Screen Shot of the Day in the comments section, let’s analyze these hamsters together!

Happy feed watching! – Reality TV Chicks Cate